About Us

About Pepco Mask

PEPCO Mask was established in response to the world’s urgent demand for high-quality protective masks in the lives of parents, children, and all others who use our products. The global demand during the COVID 19 epidemic saw the need for the replenishment of reliable masks that were able to hold up to the intensive demands of both daily uses as well as for medical and industrial professionals who will have to rely on them while performing tasks that will expose them to potential dangers.

Our History

Since the 1980s, PEPCO’s brother company – Wah Sun was in the garment business operated in Hong Kong and China, providing OEM services globally. Wah Sun had a long history and many successes in the garment business serviced over 20 clothing brands around the world.

PEPCO began in Hong Kong in 1995 as PEPCO’s Founder & CEO – Andy Cheung saw the need for high-quality children’s wear that is close to Chinese people’s hearts. PEPCO is now a strong and prominent children’s clothing brand, recognised as China’s top 10 children’s clothing brands.

PEPCO now has over 1,500 chain stores with an annual output of 11 million and marketing to over 30 of China’s provinces, cities, and districts. The PEPCO brand is synonymous with high quality and accurate delivery time and a firm believer in the people that brought the brand to where they are today.

Our Technologies & Capabilities

We have expanded and enhanced our national-certified 5,000 square meter dust-free workshop and have access to approximately 50 production lines. With this enhancement, our daily production has improved to reach more than a million masks. As we own the technology, we are capable of delivering timely and quality productions and professional customer services to both our local and international customers or suppliers. PEPCO is a technologically driven company and does not believe in unethical production means and methods.

View pictures of our Workshop.

Mission Statement

Ensuring the safety of our people and their future generations

Vision Statement

To create a better and safer world

Values & Promise

To work towards a reliable product that will enable others to help others

OEM Solution

Looking to use our machines for your own brand? Need to fulfil a large order? We also offer OEM solutions to our partners.

Our Global Distribution Network

Our global distributors make it easier for industry professionals to gain access to our PPE stock and protective supplies. We currently have engaged various distributors and representatives worldwide in China, Hong Kong, and Australia for our KN95/N95 Respirator and 3-ply masks.

If you are interested in distributing for us, kindly get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.