Do masks have fiberglass in them? And is it safe?

The global shortage of masks has seen some products that are out in the market. Some that you may not regularly see selling at the pharmacies or your regular medical store. Due to the demand and requirement of masks, companies have offloaded their old stock into the market. They are manufactured from all over the world. And have different standards and certifications. These may not provide the same safety standards or may be produced in conditions that are less desirable. Things like bacteria or viruses that you will not want to put on your face. So are masks with fiberglass in them safe?

Why Fiberglass particles are dangerous and how do they get on the masks?

There are two types of masks in the market, those in a cup design or as a disposable sheet. In the past, the manufacturing standards for the cup design had contained fiberglass, sometimes trapped within the packaging. As you would suspect that would have gone into the secondary market or even not sold. However, there is an increased demand for masks due to the COVID19 outbreak. And some of these masks have gone into the market. Often sold as a much cheaper alternative.

The real danger when it comes to masks with fiberglass fibers is that inhalation of those particles can lead to respiratory irritation and we highly advise to stay clear from those masks. Masks with fiberglass is not safe

How about the reaction to other materials?

When it comes to masks as well people are more susceptible to irritation since these face masks are on direct contact with your skin. We found that some people will have a bad reaction, to masks that contain latex. Even certain dyes used to print the masks. It’s important to read the labels before you purchase and try to find masks that have only one side printed in color.

We do not encourage the purchase of masks that do not provide proper protection or have been certified. Here are images of non-NIOSH lab approved masks.

Examples from National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

To find out more about the types of certifications like the US; National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the different country certifications available please refer to this article.

PEPCO Medical’s mask goes under strict manufacturing standards and certification by the labs. We ensure that the masks that you purchase are of quality and will be able to protect you throughout the day while maintaining a proper and comfortable fit. To ensure that your mask is not counterfeit and for assurance do feel free to drop us a mail so that we can address your concerns.