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PEPCO Mask Catalogue

PEPCO masks was born out of the urgent global need for high-quality protective masks from reputable sources. We were conscious that both parents and children needed safe and reliable products during the COVID-19 epidemic.

PEPCO Masks had to create products that could hold up to the intensive demands of both daily uses, as well as for professionals who will have to rely on them in places and performing tasks that expose them to environmental threats.

For white-label or collaboration opportunities please contact us via our contact form directly.
Packaging quantity and color can be customized according to the client’s request.

Note: PEPCO Mask takes the counterfeiting of our products seriously. To ensure the anti-counterfeiting of our certificates we will provide verification of each of our certificates upon request. Should you feel that the item that you have purchased is not from PEPCO please drop us an email at info@pepcomed.com