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PEPCO Mask Stories

  • Quality of Masks and why do they Matter?
    There are a ton of masks manufacturers out there however none of them are the made the same. Here are some areas to check for quality when using a Surgical Mask / N95 Mask. As well as some quick tests you can do; to make sure that you get the right quality Personal … Continue Reading
  • Personal Protective Equipment when basic protection is not enough.
    People and companies require to know when to use (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment and know when basic protection is not enough. Most heavy industries require Personal Protective Equipment or PPE to protect their staff from potential injury or infection. PPE comes in the form of external garments that help to protect the wearer … Continue Reading
  • “Limited reuse” masks and should we reuse masks?
    How long is really too long? The question is while respirators like the N95 or KN95 have “limited reuse” periods should we consider to reuse masks? Well in a healthcare setting, some level of reusing masks more than once outside in non-emergency scenarios is possible. The reuse of masks is not uncommon especially … Continue Reading
  • Do masks have fiberglass in them? And is it safe?
    The global shortage of masks has seen some products that are out in the market. Some that you may not regularly see selling at the pharmacies or your regular medical store. Due to the demand and requirement of masks, companies have offloaded their old stock into the market. They are manufactured from all … Continue Reading
  • N95, KN95, BFE, and other mask definitions.
    Not all masks are created equal? Going shopping for masks to keep your staff or loved ones safe? What the difference between the definitions of N95, KN95 and BFE? While you may be tempted to buy the cheapest mask off the shelf it is important for you to understand what all the terms … Continue Reading

Press Releases

  • New Australian distributor: Maph Pty Ltd
    — Release Date: Immediate — Pepco Mask a division of Pepco Clothing Co. has just announced a new Australian family-owned distributor to distribute their protective masks and respirators. Maph Pty Ltd will gradually roll out Pepco’s … Continue Reading